Chef Grant Achatz on Serving Pieces

(photo by Sally Ryan for the NYtimes)

What a unique serving piece! This an example of the serving pieces that will be used for the first 3 months at Grant Achatz newest restaurant, Next. The restaurant, named Next, will change the entire menu, along with serving pieces and decor, every 3 months. These menu changes, though, are not simply changes due to produce availability and the change in the weather, the menu could change to a completely different type of cuisine and even time period. The Parisienne Bistros of the 1800’s will be the initial theme of the restaurant…. but dinner on Mars could be the next menu. Here is an excerpt from NYTimes Writer Julia Moskin’s article describing Chef Grant Achatz view of serving pieces:

“Mr. Achatz is almost as preoccupied with the serving pieces as he is with the food that goes on them. The new restaurant, like Alinea, has a dedicated “polishing room.” The research and development budget for Next has been drained during fierce online auctions of era-appropriate silver and china, not to mention a six-team scavenger hunt across the antiques stores of the Midwest. A tray of silver egg cups, each one opening like the petals of a tulip, was bought on eBay from a British hotel.”

New items to research, find, and buy every three months- what fun!

For the entire article, see Nytimes Dining article “The Perfect Menu. Now Change it.”


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