Mix & Match Your Mugs

While in NYC a couple of months ago, my friend, Margaret, took me to her favorite sushi restaurant on Houston named Ushiwakamaru. We sat at the sushi bar and dined on a 12 course tasting menu of items selected by the chef. Each “course” was just one bite of sushi or sashimi. This sounds simple, but the fish was so fresh and flavorful that it made for an amazing meal- especially for a fish lover.

One fun detail about this sushi restaurant is their selection of sake cups. When we ordered sake, they brought out a tray of mis-matched cups for us to choose. We later found out that this isn’t customary in Japan, but I still think it’s a neat idea to mix, match, and choose.

Next time you serve coffee, place a variety of coffee cups or mugs on a serving tray and let your guests pick their favorites. You might even say that you can tell a lot about a person by the cup they choose….


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