Cooking for One? Use a smaller pan….

11″ Mauviel Skillet

4" Souffle Dish

Though I don’t like to admit that most of my time is spent cooking for one (because cooking for friends is much more fun), there is an art to it… and Judith Jones has perfected it. In her most recent book The Pleasure of Cooking for One, her most essential tip is to reduce your pan size: “When I decided that there was a need for a good book on the strategy of cooking for one, I realized that an important part of reducing recipes and making them work in single portions lay in adjusting the pan size. I had to rethink my cooking habits, and gradually I stashed away the big equipment on top shelves. I hung close to the stove, within easy reach, my 4-cup Le Creuset pot, my trusty 8-inch iron skillet, a small wok, an omelet pan, and my father’s miniature square skillet. They have become my fellow conspirators in conjuring up new dishes.”

Here are two recipe from Judith Jones’ book that utilize smaller pans:

Image via

Baked Bass with Fingerlins and Zucchini

Photo by Brian Leatart for Bon Appetite

Cheese Souffle

Pick up her book for more recipes for on how to cook for one.


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