Justin’s Nut Buttters


I can’t even begin to explain my obsession with nuts. It started after I read an article about the health benefit of just a handful of nuts a day. Ever since then almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews have become part of my daily diet (check out this article for more info on the health benefits of nuts)

With this in mind, I normally find my self in the nut butter aisle looking for alternatives to the sugary peanut butters like Skippy and Jiff. Some nut butters have a high amount of oil that make it necessary to stir them every time you open the jar and other need to be refrigerated- neither of these options were appealing to me. Soon I came across Justin’s Nut Butters and have never looked back. Justin’s Nut Butters are made with healthy ingredients, without hydrogenated oils, and are trans fat free. Now, I’m just waiting for the new Dark Chocolate covered peanut butter cups to reach my grocery store….yumm….



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