Le Creuset Mini-Cocottes


Though most of the time I love a meal served family style, sometimes it’s fun to switch things up and make individual servings. My favorite serving dishes for individually baked items are mini-cocottes (basically a mini casserole dish). Ever since I went to Les Cocottes in Paris, where almost every dish on the menu is served in Staub cocottes, I have loved this bakeware/serve ware.

Recently, every kitchen store I walk into seems to be selling either Staub or Le CreusetMini Cocottes. They come in a variety of enameled colors and are great for baking- both savory and sweet. Here are some great ideas of ways to use these mini cocottes this summer: sweet cobblers with fresh berries or savory bread puddings with tomatoes.

Tonight I used one of my little blue Le Creuset cocottes to make a Leek and Goat Cheese Frittata. I had seen a recipe for a single serving of a light spinach frittata in Everyday Food Magazine and thought it would be perfect for my dinner. I changed a couple ingredients due to availability in my refrigerator, but kept the egg and cheese base the same; it puffed up and browned nicely.

Here are my updates to the Spinach Frittata recipe:
1. Instead of using 2 TBSP of Gruyere: I used 1 1/2 TBSP of Gruyere in the base and 1 TBSP of Goat Cheese for crumbling on top.
2. Instead of using shallots and baby spinach: I sautéed leeks and fresh thyme.


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