Best Wedding Cake Yet!

image via Susie

I have hit a year in my life when the church bells are continually ringing and there seems to be a wedding every month. Weddings are amazing occasions: the marriage, the flowers, the dancing, the decor, and especially the CAKE.

White cake with white icing has always been my favorite. Every birthday growing I can remember picking out a white cake with white icing from Cake Affairs….and every year, my mom would say “Are you sure that’s all you want? You don’t want chocolate icing? Or chocolate cake with white icing?” Nope, white on white. With this as my cake of choice, you can see why I look forward to wedding cakes- it’s always white on white.

This weekend I went to the beautiful wedding of my friend Caroline. The reception was amazing and the whole night was a blast. As you can imagine, my favorite part, though, comes with the cutting of the cake. Her cake was from Susie’s Cake and Confections and was, hands down, one of the best wedding cakes I have ever tried. Coming from someone who never misses a slice… this is a highly researched opinion.

The crumb of the cake [the crumb = the inside] was moist and so flavorful. Keeping the cake moist is a major challenge when making such a large cake and Susie definitely has a knack for it. The icing was light as air and even, in the 97 degree weather, managed to hold up. Each level of the cake had two layers with a thin swipe of raspberry preserves (or at least I think it was raspberry) in between. It was delicious- I even went back for seconds!


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