A la Carte Kitchen

I just became a member of StumbleUpon.com … and I’m pretty addicted.

The way Stumble Upon works:

After you sign up, you select a variety of categories that you are interested in: I clicked food, cooking, health, beauty, fine arts, humor, interior design, etc. Then, when you log into Stumbleupon.com, you click the STUMBLE! button in the left corner of your screen and it shuffles through the web to find popular websites, blog posts and news that match up with the categories you said you were interested in. And as you read through the sites, you can “Like” a site. That way Stumbler knows that it is a good site and it will be shown to others who have similar interests. If I didn’t do a good job of explaining, sign up and see for yourself. It’s free!

What I Stumbled Upon today:

Today I came across this kitchenette by STADTNOMADEN. They have designed kitchen cabinets, counter tops, sinks, and even the ovens into modular pieces of furniture that can move independently of each other and are purchased by the piece. They are (very appropriately) calling the line “A la Carte.”

image via stadtnomaden

image via stadtnomaden

Does this remind anyone else of the luggage from the movie Joe Versus the Volcano?

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