French Bistro Chic


    I was in Napa last month and ate a fantastic little French restaurant. No, not Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Brasserie; I ate at the bistro down the street, Bistro Jeanty. The food was flavorful and hearty {maybe a little to hearty}, but it was exactly what we were looking for on a cold November night. What I love about French bistros, and this one in particular, is the variety of serving pieces that were used throughout the meal. From the second we sat down, a Peugeot pepper mill and a jar of Dijon mustard (with a wooden spreader) were placed on the table. Our first courses were french onion soup served in an earthen bowl, duck pate in a Weck canning jar, and bone marrow served right out of the bones {there was a demitasse spoon provided to scoop out the marrow}. My main course was Moules Frites; the mussels were piled high in a {really heavy} cast iron pot with frites in a tin on the side. There was nothing fancy about the Creme Caramel’s plate, but it was so delicious I couldn’t bear not sharing the photo with you. I’ve been jabbering about the serving pieces and haven’t mentioned that the food was very good too! So if you’re in Napa, don’t overlook the other french bistro in town.








ps. If you haven’t already noticed by my posts.. I’m a bit of a francophile.


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