Appliance Closet


    I went over to my aunt and uncle’s last night to pick up their old Vitamix; My aunt had upgraded and was looking to unload the old one. I JUMPED at the chance! For those who are new to the Vitamix line of blenders, check out everything they can do on the VitaMix Website.

    To rewind to 2 weeks ago, though, when she first offered me the VitaMix, I remember thinking “Wow! That’s a great appliance to have. My family is in the food industry and my parents don’t even have one of those.” Come to find out last night, while going through her kitchen closet… my aunt is quite the appliance junkie. Here’s a peek into her appliance closet- it’s awesome!

    It’s filled with great appliances and the set up is perfect for it. Sturdy shelves at shoulder level to easily see and grab heavy appliances from {unlike mine, that all sit on the floor our pantry right now} and sliding shelves below for holding bowls, pans, pots, and other miscellaneous items.

    Thanks for the Vitamix, Ado!



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