Jane’s on 3rd- LA

If you all haven’t noticed already, I love (love, love) gourmet grocery stores. Here is one that  my sister and I visited while we were in LA. We loved this one so much- we actually stopped by here twice in 2 days {we felt like such regulars the second time around 😉 } Every thing from the decor to the selection of cheeses and macarons were interesting. They also sold flowers, cold salads, dry goods from around the world, and homemade artisinal breads.
Shortly after I took this photo, I was politely asked by the staff to stop taking photos. Luckily, I think you can get my drift of the effort put into this store. The combination of steel, white paint, marble, and wood was beautiful.
 They even have taken some of their gourmet appetizers and frozen them for a quick and easy use when you’re in a pinch. What a fun place!

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