Mozza- LA

Over the past few years, gourmet cheeses have become an obsession for me. I’m not someone who has to have cheese on every sandwich, every salad, every meal.. but artisinal and farmstead cheeses are my weakness. Thank goodness I’m gluten intolerant and not lactose intolerant.  Naturally, something called  “The Mozzarella Bar” at Mozza was right up my alley.

They serve the whole menu at the bar, but mozzarella menu is what I was interested in trying. Looking at the descriptions, the cheeses weren’t paired with anything fancy- vegetables, nuts or dried fruit. Each was simple yet power packed with flavor.  There is something so wonderful to be said about a restaurant that can do the simplest of foods so eloquently well.

{Ricotta with Olive Tapenade and Basil}

{Burricotta with Artichokes, Mint Pesto, and Currants}

burricotta: is mozzarella wrapped around ricotta; this was the first time I had ever seen this.

{Burrata from Puglia with Leeks}

Burrata: is mozzarella that is wrapped around a creamier mozzarella & cream mixture (mouth. watering). When ever I see this on a menu- I order it. For Houstonians: they serve this same burrata at Da Marco.

I think this is idea of “simple goodness” is also reflected in the interior design of the restaurant minimalistic yet high in quality.

… and my cucumber-mint-gin drink was great too!

Don’t miss this seat at the mozzarella bar on your next trip to LA!


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