Son of a Gun- LA

Before I go on any vacation I scout out the restaurants at the destination. My top searches are normally gluten free bakeries and (as my dad likes to call them) “cheffy” restaurants. While preparing for my most recent trip to LA, one restaurant that kept coming up in articles and discussions with fellow food lovers, was Animal.  With a name like that I knew it was going to carnivorious (I think I just made that word up). On any given day I would be up for trying a variety of cow, game, or fowl, but during lent…that’s the one thing that goes. No meat.

 To my luck, the owners of Animal recently opened a fish restaurant named Son of  Gun. Fantastic! And.. fantastic was exactly how I would describe the food. Here are some shots of what we ate {sorry I don’t have the correct menu name of each item}.

{Carrot Salad}

The way they served this salad was pretty different from the usual salad. The carrots were all raw, shaved, then placed on the plate without any dressing. The server instructed us to pull the salad into the center of the plate where the dressing had been smeared and toss it around in it. Interesting way of doing things!

{Lobster Roll}

 This was quite the petite Lobster Roll. It was about 2 bites – and cost $15

{Grilled Octopus and Chickpeas}

The blue shade of this plate is amazing! The grilled octopus was amazing as well- very light and fresh. You can’t really see the octopus, but it was tucked into the bottom of the vegetables.


I’ve never had the mussels out of the shell like this. I felt like the queen of England ( not having to dirty my hands with the mussel shells).  The mussels were in a creamy anisette sauce and topped with fresh tarragon and dill.  Good thing this dishe was small- it was quite rich.


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