Recent Dining Out Desserts

Macaron Cake, web large

A couple months ago I attended the Annual Houston Food Bank’s Chef Dinner.  Chefs from around Houston prepared dishes for this evenings 6 course dinner.  To my surprise, the dessert was gluten free. This Chocolate & Raspberry Mini Macaron “Cake” was made by the pastry chef of Olivette, Catherine Roderiguez. I loved the chocolate macaron and,of course, devoured the whole thing.

banana split

I don’t generally like banana’s, but when it’s the only dessert on the menu that’s gluten free, I make an exception. This banana split had vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and salted caramelized nuts. I avoided the banana (the one healthy item in the mason jar), but loved the rest of the salty-sweet dish. The mason jar was also a nice touch.

tea and macaron

I recently traveled to Vietnam with my sister on a whirlwind food tour of the country. The food was, in a word, amazing. The desserts were, in a word, strange.  The desserts generally had some type of green jelly layered under a non-descriptive custard-consistency goop. Needless to say, I avoided all of them. To my delight though, my favorite dessert,  French macarons, happened to be peppered throughout the country. This  was just one example that of the French influence that still remains in Vietnam from their time of occupation (from 1887-1940).   This photo is taken from high tea at our hotel in Hanoi… where the just gave away macarons for free! Best hotel ever, right??


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