Don’t mind if I Fondue!


A couple weeks ago I offered to cook dinner at my best friends house. As I left my apartment with all my ingredients, I  was still scrambling to pull together a dessert. Luckily I remembered I had bought some little fondue jars at  french market place earlier in the year (the French Farm has one great annual warehouse sale a year that shouldn’t be missed). I hand’t tried the fondue pots yet, but thought– it couldn’t turn out bad. I threw it in my bag, hit the grocery store for some berries, dried apricots, gluten free pretzels and gluten free shortbread cookies.

After dinner, I put this ceramic cup of chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes, stirred it half way through, and it was done. I put out the cup of fondue and all the dippers out on the table and we were ready for dessert. It was DELICIOUS chocolate. I can’t believe I had waited so long to try this fondue cup!

You can sometimes find this item online, but, unfortunately, they are pretty expensive little pots if you’re not buying them direct from the market where I found mine.  I would suggest making a chocolate fondue the day before and refrigerating it until guests arrive. Then just microwave it after dinner as I did above.

Either way, I think that I am going to bring back fondue parties!It was such a fun (and easy) way to end our meal!

Here are 2 recipes I can’t wait to try:

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