Weck Canning Jars


    Out with the old and in with the new. Lately, I’ve seen Weck canning jars everywhere- including my inbox. Here is an email I got from Blue Hill at Stone Barns today. I think these jars give canning a fresh and hip look (yes, I think jars can be hip)! So throw out the Ball canning jars and start using Weck.

    If canning isn’t your thing, you can use them for storing and serving foods. Fill them with a cheese spread, pesto, or a cold crab dip and you can go straight from the refrigerator to the table; place the jars on a cutting board with some grilled bread or crackers and you have an easy hors d’oeuvre. I could also see individual chocolate trifles in these jars.

    This tall skinny one could even be used as a water pitcher; fill a couple with water then place them on a table during a dinner party.



Fish Eddy- NYC

While ABC Home might be one of the creme de la creme home stores in NYC, just across the street is one of my other favorites that is a little more rough around the edges- Fish Eddy. Fish Eddy has everyday storageware, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, serveware and linens.   They carry every size, shape, and pattern you can imagine (including the interesting strip-“tea” glasses I photographed below). I love looking at their new plates, but sometimes the vintage section of the store is even more fun.


Le Cadeaux Plateware

Next week, my younger sister is moving into her first (post-college) apartment. As a house-warming gift, my mom is giving her a set of these dishes. Le Cadeaux makes melamine tableware that looks like designer plates. Some great things about melamine: extremely strong, lightweight, break & heat resistant, and dishwasher safe.  My favorite is the Rustica Antique White collection

Le Cadeaux also has great plastic glassware.  I have a set of these:

Get more use out of your glassware

On a recent trip to Napa, I had lunch at Robert Reddington’s restaurant Redd. Our entrees were great, but the desserts were even better. Each spoonful was bursting with flavor and I loved how he used glasses to present the desserts. Instead of using bowls, he put them in glasses so that you can see the layers and components. They were eye catching and appealing.

I own a set of stemless wine glasses by Riedel and can’t wait to replicate this look at home.

Juliska Glassware

This year I seem to have hit the age when all of your friends start getting engaged and married… which means an exponential jump in the number of gifts to purchase. While some people see flipping through a registry to pick out gifts a drag, I think it’s an amazing task. I love looking through bride’s registries to see all of the plates, glasses, vases, and pitchers she has picked out to fill her home (I can’t wait to do the same!). More than just enjoying looking at all the pretty items, you learn very quickly about all of the brands and styles. Last night I went to a cocktail party at my aunt’s house and when I went to grab for a water glass I realized that I knew the brand and name of the collection of her water glasses. She has the Juliska tumbler set; this brand has become one of my favorite lines of glassware.

One thing my aunt had done, that I loved, was that she had not just bought 8 glasses from the same collection; she had actually bought 2 of each from 4 different collection. The glasses were all the same size, but had different glass details.

Sneak Peak into DVF Home Collection

“Never ‘dress down’ the table. Even if it’s just two of you in the kitchen, make it pretty. If you’re eating in the bedroom, make a beautiful tray.” – Diane Von Furstenburg

Here is a sneak peak into Diane Von Furstenberg’s Home Collection that is set to launch in February. My favorite fashion icon is now making plate ware, flatware, and glassware- what could be better than this! Well, I know what could be better…..someone buying me the entire line {wink, wink}.

[Items listed from top to bottom: charger, high ball glass, platter, flat ware, tray, coasters]

Riedel Stemless Champagne Glasses


While staying with one of my best friends in NYC this weekend, we toasted my arrival with some sparkling Cava on Friday night .  She pulled out these somewhat funky looking  glasses and poured the champagne. Part of the O-Tumbler line of glassware by Riedel, these are such neat Champagne glasses. And the best part Margaret said “they go right into the dishwasher when we’re done!”