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Bella Porcelain

At abc kitchen, not only is the food locally sourced and hand cultivated, but the plateware is too. In my photos from lunch at abc kitchen, you can see the handmade Bella Porcelain plates. Every plate is different and has a unique, rugged shape. Abc kitchen serves diners on the white line of plates, but Bella Porcelain comes in a variety of glazes (all of which are sold at ABC Home). 


Though it may not seem like these jagged edged plates are refined, they actually are very light and delicate.  The artist, Jan Burtz, also creates some beautifully smooth gold rimmed plates as well.  One more good thing to note: these plates are dishwasher safe!

I {heart} abc kitchen

For over a year I have been hearing about abc kitchen; I read Sam Sifton’s mouth-watering review in the NY Times ,  I heard behind-the-scenes details from my friend who was interning in the kitchen, and I listened to at least 5 gushing reviews from sister and friends who had dined there. I HAD to go on my next trip. 

In short, abc kitchen is: ” local organic original environmentally conscious food” & part of the Jean-Georges Vongerichet empire {note: expectations are high}. As I suspected, there were no dinner reservation available for the nights I was in town.  Luckily, I was able to snag a bar seat for lunch late one afternoon.  If you’re wondering if the meal was everything I was expecting….it was. I almost went again for lunch the next day, but my bank account was holding me back.

Hat’s off to the chef, Dan Kluger- every bite was exciting and delicious!



see my post titled Bella Porcelain for details on the plateware