Juliska Glassware

This year I seem to have hit the age when all of your friends start getting engaged and married… which means an exponential jump in the number of gifts to purchase. While some people see flipping through a registry to pick out gifts a drag, I think it’s an amazing task. I love looking through bride’s registries to see all of the plates, glasses, vases, and pitchers she has picked out to fill her home (I can’t wait to do the same!). More than just enjoying looking at all the pretty items, you learn very quickly about all of the brands and styles. Last night I went to a cocktail party at my aunt’s house and when I went to grab for a water glass I realized that I knew the brand and name of the collection of her water glasses. She has the Juliska tumbler set; this brand has become one of my favorite lines of glassware.

One thing my aunt had done, that I loved, was that she had not just bought 8 glasses from the same collection; she had actually bought 2 of each from 4 different collection. The glasses were all the same size, but had different glass details.

Wine Punts

 “What the heck is Wine Punt?”  Is exactly what I thought to myself when I heard this name.

The “punt” of a bottle is the indentation at the base of the bottle. Companies, like , have found a way to reuse discarded wine bottles and recycle them into glassware. How very green of them! 

For unique and environmentally conscious glassware- these are a great choice.