napkin rings

Strangest Napkin Rings I’ve Ever Seen

I saw these napkin rings on Horchow and can’t believe that any one would buy them- they seem so strange. When I scrolled down the page I realized that, not only had people purchased them, but they are currently on backorder!

I did a little research into the designer, Dransfield and Ross , and actually ended up finding some fun pieces on their site.  Here are some of the funky napkin rings from their line.

The frog reminds me of some of my grandmother’s jewelry!


They don’t sell items on their website, but you can find their products at a number of stores around the country.

{new term} passementerie place mats

I’m on a serious place mat kick right now.  I just purchased a set by Liora Manne and now I’m thinking about getting a set of these passementerie place mats by Juliana Meija too.

Passementerie (according to Wikipedia) is the art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings of applied braid, gold or silver cord, embroidery, colored silk, or beads. Though this detail is usually seen in furniture, lamp shades, and drapes,  Juliana Mejia brings this beautiful craft to the kitchen table through these handmade  place mats, napkins, and beaded napkin rings.